European Information Centre

Leading organization

The European Information Centre began activities in Oct 1997, when the Council of Europe opened its first Regional centre in Veliko Tarnovo. In Dec 2000, EIC was registered as NGO. EIC has been hosting the European Documentation Centre of EU since Jan 2001 and since Jan 2007, with the entry of Bulgaria as EU member, the EUROPE DIRECT for North-Central Bulgaria (districts of Veliko Tarnovo and Razgrad). EIC main objectives are: popularize values of the EU within the country; assist authorities, institutions, organizations, citizens in the process of European integration; support development of the civil society and media; to educate and train, to assist and do research, provide consultations on the hot issues of the European integration; teach topics on basic European values using new methods and methodologies. Main initiatives are “Europe is more than you think”; “Teaching Europe”,“Mobile Europe”, “Young,United,We Stand”, “Empowerment of young people”, ‘Labor market and personal and career development”, “Europe of tolerance”. EIC is an active participant of both international and national programmes, projects and initiatives, initiating new projects and joining partnerships.

Email: office@europeinfocentre.bg

Fundacion Atius


Altius Spain Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 2002, promoting diverse initiatives on education, training, employment, participation and social integration.Its a key actor in promoting and enabling youth participation in social life, focusing on groups at risk of social exclusion (migrants, unemployed people, Neets, asylum seekers, Our target is to enhance people ́s integral development and social transformation with particular interest in the most vulnerable social groups. We try to achieve this target through programmes, innovative actions and collaboration with the usage of solidarity culture. It is specially focusing on needs of disadvantaged young people who are not currently employed, educated or trained. The Foundation addresses programmes to encourage young people to find new personal and professional opportunities with responsibility towards themselves and the community.

Altius is carrying out different European projects in the field of vulnerable young people, solidarity in time of crisis, EVS, migration, education,training.

Altius Foundation is hosting a Europe Direct Information Centre – provides general EU information by awareness-raising events, websites, publications, local media campaigns, etc

Email: european projects@fundacionaltius.org

Polska Fundacja IM. Roberta Schumana


Polska Fundacja im. R. Schumana (PFRS) is a non-governmental and non-political organization. The Foundation’s main aims are to encourage Polish citizens to actively participate, promote opportunities created by the Polish membership in the Community, foster the values of the European Union and to strengthen civil society in Poland. PFRS implements educational and civic programs, focusing on the following issues: European integration, active (EU) citizenship, societal engagement of citizens and promotion of democratic and civic values. The Foundation cooperates with a wide range of institutions within and outside the EU concentrating on promoting political and social initiatives focusing on the development of democracy. In this process, it supports cultural, scientific and educational organizations that actively contribute to the development of closer bonds between Poland, EU institutions and other EU Member States as well as the infrastructure of NGOs active in similar fields of work.

BIDA e.V.Kultur und Bildung


BIDA e.V. Kultur und Bildung is an organisation with broad experience in adult education and training. The main goal is to promote youth and elderly care, art, culture and education using interactive methods for socializing of various target groups. The organisation had implemented projects, showing new ways of communication, culture and education, and has facilitated  different activities aiming social integration of marginalized groups and groups at risk of social exclusion as immigrants, women victims of violence, unemployed, low-skilled adults and refugees. BIDA e.V. purpose is to eliminate the barriers and to increase opportunities of disadvantaged groups to access the community’s life, the labour market and avoid discriminations. The organisation has carried out various European projects, coordinating the activities in the region of Thüringen and gained experience in project management. BIDA network involves local, regional and international organisations.

Europski Dom Slavonski Brod


Europe House Slavonski Brod (EHSB) is a nongovernmental organization established in September 1998 to promote European and global integration processes and cultural, political and economic integration of Croatia to the EU. Main goal is promotion and development of understanding the importance of European interdependence and cooperation, human rights, environmental protection, natural and cultural heritage.

EHSB promotes, designs and carries out: learning mobility and European active citizenship activities; medium and long term learning projects; cultural exchanges; scholastic and vocational guidance; cultural, social, sport, recreational and editorial activities; seminar and formative training aimed to organizations, social workers and citizens; formative, promotional and informative initiative related to specific themes linked to the above mentioned topics.EHSB is particularly active in the field of youngsters with fewer opportunities and risk groups.

Email: Info.edsb@gmail.com

Erevnitiko idrima P. L.LIMITED


The University of Nicosia Research Foundation (UNRF)’s mission is to inspire and to promote knowledge, innovation and development through cutting-edge research. Research at UNRF focuses on global and local issues including health, complex networks, social sciences, education, ICT and environmental sustainability. Researchers at UNRF are interested in examining challenges to modern life from a wide range of perspectives, technological and scientific advances, modern culture and apply their expertise derived from addressing local, regional and national issues to global challenges and develop teams to bring disciplinary strengths together to approach key issues with European and global impact. UNRF’s researchers have substantial experience in the management and implementation of national and European funded projects. Currently under the UNRF 6 specialized centres have been created.

Email: info@unrf.ac.cy

Change it!


Founded: 13 February 2014

The NGO Change it! is formed by young people that realize their activities at national level but they take a part in different international activities as well. Main priorities of the association are: non-formal education of young people, development of children and youth abilities and skills, taking part in different international cooperation and exchanging experience at national or international level. The aim of the association is to support interests of young people and their extracurricular activities, participate in public life and realize various projects according to the priorities of the European Union. The association members find as important to spread the ICT information, prevent pathological phenomena in this field and organize supporting activities leading to safe using of ICT. During educational activities it is very important to use the methods of formal and also non-formal education that support the creativity and enable fully spending leisure time. The association supports various volunteer activities and finds different opportunities for self-realisation of young people.


  • Nonformal education of youngsters (mainly)
  • Project activities
  • Volunteer work
  • Realisation of activities connected to ICT

Contact e-mail: info@change-it.cz

Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana


Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana  (FCA) is a catholic organization working in the Diocese of Milan (Lombardia  Region ) to tackle social exclusion, poverty and discrimination “in view of the full development, of social justice and of peace, with special attention to the lowest of the law and with prevalent pedagogic functions”. Its main aims are: support local and community development;  promote and support voluntary work; promote concrete actions in order to face particularly serious needs through experimental services; cultivate charity and  the commitment to social justice; coordinate charity and assistance actions; organise and coordinate actions in emergency situations;  encourage studies and research on social and educational issues; educate in peace and solidarity among peoples, against racism and discrimination. Caritas Ambrosiana works at different levels (local, national, European) in collaboration with both private and public bodies, with other NGOs

Email: europa@caritasambrosiana.it