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Change it!


Founded: 13 February 2014

The NGO Change it! is formed by young people that realize their activities at national level but they take a part in different international activities as well. Main priorities of the association are: non-formal education of young people, development of children and youth abilities and skills, taking part in different international cooperation and exchanging experience at national or international level. The aim of the association is to support interests of young people and their extracurricular activities, participate in public life and realize various projects according to the priorities of the European Union. The association members find as important to spread the ICT information, prevent pathological phenomena in this field and organize supporting activities leading to safe using of ICT. During educational activities it is very important to use the methods of formal and also non-formal education that support the creativity and enable fully spending leisure time. The association supports various volunteer activities and finds different opportunities for self-realisation of young people.


  • Nonformal education of youngsters (mainly)
  • Project activities
  • Volunteer work
  • Realisation of activities connected to ICT

Contact e-mail: info@change-it.cz

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