Citizens’ public forum “FuturEU – the faces of Globalization and solidarity in times of crisis’ workshop”

The COVID-19 was an extreme challenge to the Spanish FuturEU partners.

Spain, and in particular Madrid, has been several times under lockdown since March 2020, for which the FuturEU event in Spain was celebrated in small groups, adjusting it to the local circumstances.

In this last project phase, Altius Foundation implemented a huge campaign supporting people in need to foster the European solidarity and humanity in times of crisis. Many collaborators and staff of the foundation (including international members) acted as volunteers to ensure the everyday food and other first need resources of the people, suffering difficulties. In small group sessions, we raised the awareness of the EU values and policies in times of crisis, and all EU initiatives to limit the number of people with problems of any origin. The proposed recommendations cover broad diversity of our small group audiences – this diversity that makes EU rich, stronger together and united.