My Digital Universe and the Future of Digital Europe

A conference on the Digitization and Social Networking in the European Union – “My Digital Universe and the Future of Digital Europe”, part of the activities of the project FuturEU, took place on October 8th -10th in Prague, organized by the NGO Change it! The debate was held at Drtinova Secondary School in Prague 5.

The conference focused on the possibility of using online services such as filling out forms for authorities over the Internet, eliminating excessive bureaucracy, simplifying public administration processes, and the security of Internet and social networking. There was also a topic related to the increase in misinformation and the spread of fake news, or fake news. This English-language debate was attended by the general public, together with students from the aforementioned high school, together with partners from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and Croatia. The meeting was divided into two parts, the first part devoted to discussion and dealing with issues in both the Czech Republic and partner countries, and then a quiz for participants was prepared, where the topic of the quiz followed the introductory part.

Program of the conference